Grief Series Publicity and Signage

Fold-out publicity and exhibition house signage design for touring exhibition ‘What is Left?’ Client: The Grief Series, April 2014

Mechanical Air Publicity

Publicity photograph and design for performance by Mayhew & Osborn. Client: Mayhew & Osborn, February 2014

Age Concerns Publicity

Publicity photograph and design for performance by Nicky Hobday & Sara Cocker. Client: The Future, January 2014

Footsteps In The Fire Bookcover

Bookcover design for Footsteps In The Fire by Barry Hotson. Client: Cillian Press, December 2013

Drunken Chorus Logo

Logo design for performance company Drunken Chorus. Client: Drunken Chorus, October 2013

Bright Lights Publicity

Publicity photograph and design for Léonie Kate‘s Edinburgh show ‘Bright Lights’. Client: Léonie Kate, July 2013

Wingspan Bookcover

Bookcover design for Wingspan by Jeremy Hughes. Client: Cillian Press, July 2013

Embody Move Association

Bespoke website design for Embody Move Association. Built by Kim Foale. Client: Embody Move Association, May 2013

Twelfth Night Publicity

Publicity design for ATTIC’s summer park performances of Twelfth Night. Client: ATTIC, April 2013

Given The Choice Bookcover

Book cover design for Given The Choice by Susan Sellers. Featuring 3 artworks by Olivia Krimpas. Client: Cillian Press, March 2013

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